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Instructor Cadre


Richard Mo 


Richard has been shooting since he was 8 years old.  He started getting passionate about teaching and training in 2010 and has been doing it ever since.  He has trained with various instructors across the country and has been through many training evolutions with said instructors.  Richard brings an understanding of what it means to transition out of outcome-based training to performance and science-based training to each class we offer.  He has been participating in USPSA since 2017 and is the first Modern Samurai Project Endorsed instructor in California


Ethan Fleitas


Ethan started training and teaching in 2013.  He currently works in the entertainment industry as an actor, director, and producer. He also competes in USPSA and is Raven Wing's primary Night Vision Familiarization instructor.  Ethan is heavily invested in the performance side of training and has grown into a very capable coach. He is a Modern Samurai Project Endorsed instructor, IR laser zeroing guru, and has been told he is "nice wit it" drawing from a Level 3 Safariland Duty Holster.

Jarrod Bio_edited.jpg

Jarrod M. 


Jarrod is a former wild land firefighter and three sport college athlete. An all-conference offensive lineman, he coached college and high school football after graduation. He started shooting in 2018 and has quickly demonstrated proficiency and a passion for helping others leveraging his experience in coaching and leadership. Jarrod competes in USPSA and is Master class in Carry Optics. He is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer and a graduate of the Modern Samurai Project Instructor Course.

Steph use this one.jpg

Stephanie Y. - AKA Mrs. Sandbagger


Stephanie has been a police officer in Southern CA for over 11 years. She is currently a Patrol Field Training Officer and Firearms Instructor. She was previously assigned to a tactical response team dealing primarily with violent crime suppression, dignitary protection, and high-risk warrant service at a major metropolitan police department.


Stephanie is the first female Modern Samurai Project endorsed instructor and is certified as a firearms instructor by the FBI, LAPD, CA POST, and the NRA. She competes in USPSA and ICORE

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